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Found in 2005, METALLURGY is a leading steel jewellery manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler based in Singapore .

With over 12 years experiences in ODM & OEM services of stainless steel jewelry. After years improvement, and with our quality, design and innovation, we have earned good reputation in this field and have established good business relationship with well-know brands worldwide.


QUALITY: Thanks to Metallurgy taste, sensibility, attention to details, rendering and select material and meticulous control to every step of the production ladder ensure exclusive, certified products.

INNOVATION:  Metallurgy is constantly engaged with the stylistic research and new solutions in technical aspects in production. That leads us to creating numerous outstanding designs which are known in the trade.

DESIGN:  Metallurgy invested large resources in the design R&D. Efforts that resulted in an innovative, chic, simpleand elegant design that at the same time exudes personality.


Metallurgy guarantees that our products are manufactured from 316L Surgical Steel whereby it contains a naturally hypoallergenic element which is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction when wearing by consumers.

316L Surgical Steel is considered one of the highest grade of steel as it is used mainly to manufacture medical surgery tools used in operation theatres worldwide, thus getting its name.

Steel also has other properties, which surpasses many other metals. It is stronger than any other alloy and has a high resistance to corrosion, which means it will not rust or tarnish when exposed to nature’s elements.

Steel’s rigidity allows jewellery made from it to last relatively longer as there are hardly any weak joints, thus not causing it to break up so easily.


Steel jewellery is getting popular in the present day because of its easy maintenance. Unlike precious metals like silver which will tarnish upon constant exposure to air, water and perspiration, minimal care is required in the maintenance of steel jewellery.

As our designers are constantly designing new series of products and collections to supplement our existing collections, we can ensure that a steady flow of new designs or collections will be made available to cater to our target audiences fashion needs and demands. We strongly believe that insertions of new products are very important and are necessary to upkeep a healthy company image. It also helps us to assure our customers that we will be there to provide them with the latest fashion trends available in the market.

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